7 Gourmet Prison-Food Recipes for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

7 Gourmet Prison-Food Recipes for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

Whether you are building that next large AR platform, making yet another startup PR agency focused on the blockchain (such as the world needs more of these ) or are a YouTube founder creating a transfer to China, the first phase of a company can be more tumultuous. And until you have struck that enviable”product-market match” with a wholesome side dose of MRR, odds are you’re bankrupt AF. But have no fear. I have got a few gourmet prison-food recipes I can assure you from personal experience can allow you to feel as though you’re living like a boss, even if it’s in your mum’s second bedroom. Instant noodles, noodles, and Kool-Aid might not be probably ingredients at a gourmet meal, however, if you’re in jail or coding round the clock, they might reflect the culinary highlight of the day.

1. Prison Potstickers

This is only one of the more innovative dishes from late-night, legendary New York rapper Prodigy’s Commissary Kitchen. Prison potstickers are inexpensive, simple to create and utilize a surprisingly similar procedure to genuine homemade dumplings:

  • Mash and roll up over-cooked macaroni to a chunk of dough, then use your thumb to create a tiny dumpling pocket.
  • Fill out the dumplings with a can of mixed veggies, soy sauce, and hot sauce.
  • Then brush with butter and simmer for 3 minutes.

2. Locked-Up Lattes

Just because you have landed yourself behind bars or so are suffering from growing pains of an especially stressful startup does not mean You Need to skip out on your coffee fix:

  • Hold a carton of milk under warm, running water (or warm it in the microwave) before steaming.
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of immediate coffee and a walnut syrup package for sweetness. Voila, a ghetto version of a Starbucks’s Caffè Latte.

3. Correctional Cheesecake

Piper Kerman, writer of Orange Is the New Black, the foundation for Netflix’s popular drama series, is credited for this distinct behind-bars treat. Employing graham crackers, margarine, Laughing Cow cheese, vanilla pudding, coffee creamer, and lemon juice, then that this no-bake cheesecake puts a whole new twist on cheap candies:

  • Crumble up the graham crackers and put them into a bowl.
  • Add the lemon juice and coffee creamer into a different bowl and stir fry.
  • Lay the graham-cracker crumbles onto a plate and coating on the cheese and lemon juice mix.
  • Subsequently, distribute on the vanilla batter and revel in!

4. Big House Tamales

This one may seem somewhat gross and complicated, but it is really a jailhouse favored and completely ingenious if you are entirely hard-up for money. I have included this recipe at Do not Drop the Soap:

  • Crush a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Fritos corn chips.
  • Mix them together in 1 bag and put in hot water until you’ve made a thick mush.
  • Knead the bag, drain any excess water and then roll the mixture up into the form of tamale. Allow it to sit for approximately five minutes, then add hot sauce and revel in!

5. Prison Pad Thai

Alright, I could not get through on this listing without giving you one ramen recipe, which also appears to come in my publication. Top Ramen is your number-one most precious prison product from the U.S. in the end, and of course that a fan favorite of bootstrapped entrepreneurs (and college students) all around the world. This Easy invention is 1 anyone can create, whether you are at a kitchen or in a prison:

  • Simply mix cooked ramen with peanut butter, then top with carrots and hot sauce.

6. Jailhouse Cake

This candy behind-bars cure is made with Butterfinger bars, peanut butter, two Honey Buns, and Oreos:

  • Crush the Oreos and mold them to form the layers of the cake.
  • After that, choose one Honey Bun to use as the foundation. Insert the Oreos.
  • Alternate using Oreo filling and peanut butter to the icing between the layers and also the exterior of the cake.
  • Then top it off with crumbled Butterfinger bars.

7. Prison Pruno

While I do not advise trying to earn hooch in prison (it is illegal and especially dangerous), hungry artists and artists are entirely free to give it a try once they have done some study and accepted security precautions. That is another recipe in my novel:

  • Simply collect and mash your favorite fruits together with lots of sugar in a tote.
  • Then let it sit in a bowl of boiling water.
  • Wrap the bag in a towel or t-shirt and put it away.
  • After a couple of days, the fruit will ferment, filling the bag with gasoline since it transforms into completely inexpensive homemade liquor.


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