Honey, we’re out of soap…


Ah, yes, you go to wash your hands like your mother taught you and quickly discover the soap dispenser is empty. Time to buy new soap? Well, sort of. In this post I want to offer a very quick and easy money-saving tip when it comes to liquid soap.

Now that is a lot of soap
I prefer liquid soap to bar soap for washing my hands. I’m not opposed to bar soap; I guess I just like the liquid variety. So if you are also a liquid soap user, then you share in the problem of not knowing how much soap is actually in there at any given time. And just when you need it the most, of course it’s all gone. So when this happens you should go out and buy a new bottle, right? Wrong. A great way to save a lot of money is to REFILL rather than REPLACE. Yes, soap dispenser refills are massive, yes they seem more expensive at first glance, and yes, that is A LOT of soap to buy at once. But when you really do the math, you save big. Just compare the amount: 8 oz. is a pretty typical size for a regular dispenser, whereas a typical refill container is 64 oz.! And you know when you buy the bigger size, you are rewarded with lower cost per volume.

Convenience is nice
In addition to saving a few bucks, you now can enjoy a little more convenience. When the soap runs out in one of your small bottles, simply find your refill container and fill your bottle back up! I like to walk around the whole house every month or so to make sure that all my soap dispensers are full. That way you never end up running out at an inopportune time.

Oh, what a pretty bottle!
Have you always wanted to buy one of those pretty decorative soap dispensers for your bathroom? The refill system is totally designed for this…no need to ever purchase a small soap bottle, just keep refilling your permanent one over and over again. But beware—sometimes the expensive, decorative dispensers suffer when it comes to functionality. There’s nothing more annoying that pushing that dispenser and having a whole lot of nothing come out. I stick with the regular dispensers for this very reason because I’ve had one too many bad experiences with the decorative ones. But that’s not to say, of course, that functional varieties aren’t out there somewhere!

Reader Reflection
Do you refill liquid soap? Can you offer any other creative ideas?


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