This Solar-Powered Electric Bike Aims to Make Commuting Eco-Friendly and Fun

This Solar-Powered Electric Bike Aims to Make Commuting Eco-Friendly and Fun
This Solar-Powered Electric Bike Aims to Make Commuting Eco-Friendly and Fun

Who are you and what is your company?

My name is Sean Lupton-Smith. I had been born in South Africa and immigrated to the U.S.A. I’m the owner and creator of this Electric Bike Company That’s situated in Newport Beach, California.

What prompted you to make this item?

After retiring from a successful restaurant profession in Atlanta, Georgia, I had been interested in producing affordable transportation and freedom to disadvantaged individuals in Southern Africa. Seeing the dawn of electric bicycles, especially in Southern California, I believed that the idea of adding a motor and battery to an inexpensive frame and allowing the bike to be powered by solar panels, instead of relying on regular bikes with power and range constraints, is a fantastic way to mobilize individuals and create travel to work, college, and hospitals a lot more efficient.

What was the very first step from accepting this thought from your mind and receiving it into production?

Step one was to buy a reasonable beach cruiser design single rate, sturdy, dependable and traditional bicycle and include an off-the-shelf motor, battery, and controller. This procedure was significantly more time-consuming and more complex than I originally believed.

How can your desktop play into creating this item?

Being born and raised for nearly 30 years in a developing nation, I witnessed that the huge discrepancies in not just prosperity but also powerful mobility in society. I’ve always thought that effective and inexpensive transportation to work, college, or into the hospital is an integral element to wealth and to living a joyful and fulfilled life.

What was the hardest lesson to learn?

Among our very first bicycles needed a battery fire. The toughest lesson we have heard was that you can’t expect third party production of crucial pieces of bicycles. We also heard about the unscrupulous nature of opponents and how they are willing to expose and exploit any problems We’ve confronted

What measures have you chosen to distinguish yourself from competitors?

We’ve taken several actions. To begin with, we’ve spent our battery production. We fully assemble our merchandise in the U.S.A. with local gifts, bicycle contractors, engineers, designers, painters, inspectors, testers, and packers. We provide our clients the exceptional opportunity to look at their bicycles, from any framework color, trimming options, RiM colors, chair and grip choices, etc.. To our knowledge, each other electrical bike comes premade at a packed box delivered in from a different nation.

What did you find out about design you may talk about with other startups?

So far, I’ve 100% funded the provider. I feel that getting your own skin from the match and placing your hard-earned cash into the company has given me additional motivation to guarantee success. At this point, however, I’d be amenable to raising additional funds to raise EBC’s advertising reach globally.

Is there a specific quotation or saying which you use as personal motivation?

“Every detail is critically important.” I’ve been accused of becoming knit-picky. I frequently drive my group mad in my quest for perfection with regard to each and every bicycle part and part down to the tiniest of screws. I can state with assurance which each component, every detail about each EBC bicycle, was inspected and is among the maximum quality. Building our own bicycles allows this”enthusiast” in me to examine each”detail” component” part before it’s placed on a bicycle — and I believe makes the standard of the bicycle as a complete untouchable.


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