Why Bother? (Part 2) Lifestyles of the Organized


Yesterday in Organization: Why Bother? (Part 1), I showed you two very different scenarios with regard to preparing an evening meal: one was chaotic, the other was organized. The difference is clear, but how can those specific experiences translate into results in other areas of our lives? Let’s break it down.

When I think of organization, three broad categories come to mind:

1. Space
No I’m not talking about the infinite expanse of stars and galaxies—I’m talking about the (often) infinite expanse of our STUFF. We have homes and we have belongings. Everything we own has the potential to be organized.

2. Money
Ah yes, so this is how we manage to accumulate all the STUFF mentioned above. Money can be organized too, for example in how we handle it, spend it, or save it.

3. Time
We all have on occasion wished for more hours in the day. There are ways to win back some of our time, even if it’s just minutes here and there. But once we secure those precious minutes (or even hours!), think of what we can accomplish! The possibilities are endless.

Now that we know what we CAN organize in our lives, we jump to the ever-important question of WHY should we do it? Organization takes effort, not to mention time, sometimes money, and usually creativity. Below I’ve outlined just some of the potential benefits of organizing your life.

Recouping Resources
First let’s look at a couple of the most obvious benefits. Organizing your life directly leads to saving two of your most precious resources, time and money. Put your kitchen cupboards in order, shave time off cooking meals. Make a better plan for the way you buy groceries, keep a little more cash in your pocket. The list goes on and is virtually limitless.

Slashing Stress
Next let’s look at a couple of the less obvious, but equally as important benefits of having an organized lifestyle. Indirectly, organizing your space, money, and time can lead to a noticeable reduction in stress and ultimately an improvement in your quality of life. Who doesn’t want that? In today’s hectic world, stress levels tend to run high and can have a very negative impact on your well-being. Do you want a little more peace in your life? Adopting an organized lifestyle is one way to get you closer to such a goal.

Preparing For Launch
Now of course it’s not as easy as just snapping your fingers and POOF! everything in your life is magically organized. So where do you begin? Getting the ball rolling can be overwhelming, to say the least. In the next post, Organization: Getting Started, I’ll provide innovative solutions to help you kick off your plan to get organized.


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